collection of my little writings and poems. an ode to survival, kicking ass and being your glorious self.

___________________________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

losing time & forgetting sanity

we don’t let our lips pull apart

what are we?

fragment #2: do i even exist?

fragment #1: evacuation in ward c

when we forget, for a moment, how to love

let it die when she does

our blood stains these cathedral walls

i am astounded by your brilliance

implicit sexism

wildfire: come closer, I dare you

she comes in waves

they live in fear of her

i don’t really understand what this is about

this is an ode to you

hope is a heavy burden

family secrets

when the numbness is so great

driving up the Hume freeway

chapter one

leave me alone in my own home

women are magic

i’ve never seen you so happyย 


i want to rip out my voice

but i claw my way back up

gravity takes me down

the comic books have it wrong

what does she have?

today is a better day

today is a bad day

rode the dragon who breathed fire

a prayer for forgiveness

feminism: a reality check

matching flower tattoos & motorbike gears

go eff yourself, mate

i’m not like you

unwanted affection (don’t touch me)

beauty is a construct

bathed in moonlight’s dust


feminist war cry: a poem

the impermanence of your permanence

catastrophic: a poem

say yes to marriage equality: a rant

anxiety: a non-mutual relationship

a sequelย 

anna short for anxiety

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