they live in fear of her

they live in fear of her.


she brings death,

they claim.

she loves misery,

they say.

she’s withย him,

they chant.


she’s lonely,

she whispers to herself.


she doesn’t work for the devil

but they fear that which they don’t know,

theyย fear herย 


she isย magic.


a queen,

a sorceress

of unimaginable strength.


run then she screams to them.

i have nothing to lose she roars.

her death on the horizon.


for witches burn

and they want to see her up in flames

a morbid dance to the death.


but she’ll rise again-

her daughters,

and their daughters-

and the world will burn

they’ll want to wish they never

tried to subdue her,

oppress her

because of her magic,

ever again.



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