i am astounded by your brilliance

i am astounded by your brilliance,

surrounded by a luminescence, a magnetism

(a magnificence)

completely primal.


your eyes, they glitter with knowledge (laughter)

an omniscience, an open window.


i hear your laugh,

a victorious exclamation of hilarity –

everyoneย knows you, theyย yearnย to be within you,

of you,

around you.

i don’t think you’re comfortable with being the sun,

the centre,

you feel as though you burn too bright,

flames disintegrating those who come too close.

those who depend on the brilliance you emanate.


but that is who you are.

illuminating sunshine,

an enlightenment of masculinity,

completely unique.

i want to submerge myself in you,

completely immersed.

i want to taste your flame,

burn bright,

luminous, by your side.


being near you kind of makes my heart shake.

that’s what you do.


i know you’ll break me, but i need to feel alive. you do.

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