our blood stains these cathedral walls

it’s wanting to punch your fist through a wall.

it’s an open wound,

bleeding –



contracting and retracting;

my womb is shedding itself.


a riotous force,

armies in battle:


stab, stab, stabbing.


an almighty force,

it symbolises my sexual maturity

my monetary value in our society –

i become property.

to be taken, used, thrown away.


i’m defective, they say,

but the world is warned about us.

sermons speaking of seductresses, sensual sluts of diabolism.

of Eve.


our blood is contaminated,

it stains these cathedral walls.

it’s used to paint the portraits of Lucifer

after his fall.


the ‘diabolism’ of our generation is the fact the women aren’t afraid.



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