family secrets

he was a demon

preying on the weak

the vulnerable;

his own daughter.

a soul-sucking shtriga

creeping into her room

touching her

hurting her

forcing himself on her

his wife an accomplice

a bystander,

nothing but a supervisor

guardingย his honour.

she grew up though

as he grew older

ageingย in such a way

outsiders knew of his soul.




she was a good catholic daughter,

care of her father and mother

in her hands.

the responsibility proved too much

and she shattered.

white walls

of the psychiatric ward

her home.

her family,

her siblings

called her insane,

call her insane.

the silence of the father’s abuse

a silent, unbreakable wall between them.

they will never support her.

she stands alone.

the father’s money,


proved too much a temptation

to go against the demonic beast

they call their father.

but her strength


will rise up like a phoenix

and will burn the world down.

do not ever invalidate the abuse victims have received

by focusing on their mental illness.

their mental illness is the result

of constant fear


at the hands of those who are supposed

to love you.

–ย this is what happens when you investigate the skeleton in the closet.

3 thoughts on “family secrets

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Ankit! I completely understand how you feel, I felt the exact same when I found out and it truly made me understand things that occurred during my childhood where I would specifically be kept away from the man because of what he was doing to his daughter, but what makes me feel so angry is that no one did anything when they found out, including her siblings, and that still makes me feel horrible.

      I really enjoy your comments, Ankit! So, thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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