implicit sexism;

implicit sexism:

a river of denial,

painting your son


your daughter black

with burden.

when will we stop?

when will we stop confining children

to ridiculous notions of what is

masculine and what is



(itโ€™s not manly to vacuum the house.

you shouldnโ€™t have to do the cooking, you’re the man.

donโ€™t worry, sheโ€™ll clean it up.

you canโ€™t cook? But, what happens when you get married?)

there is no place for your toxic need for conformity.


i own a uterus.

trust me, i canโ€™t forget.

implicit sexism


reminds me.

just because a river,

a testament to my bodyโ€™s โ€˜useโ€™ –

occurs monthly,

does not mean my existence

is only for you

to produce your heirs

to be yours.


โ€“ i’m not sorry, but i am more than the confines of this society. and no, i donโ€™t have a boyfriend. no, i am not scared about getting older and not getting married. i donโ€™t care.

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