this is an ode to you

this is an ode to you.

you, whoย isย strength

you, who remind me of my heart,

(that i’m a sister)

you, who looks up to me

you, who i look up to

trust me baby brother

it will pass

love it fickle

(don’t we know)

but it’s grasp lingers

(don’t we know)

fingernails clawing at the remnants of your heart.

it will rebuild.

your shattered organ

will beat again,

this i promise you

and it will beat stronger




for she wasn’t the one,

and you knew it

but you clung

to love spoken

hidden under sheets

whispering tokens of affection

a caress

a laugh

you were enchanted

but cracks started to form, didn’t they?

communication broke down


lost in translation

tension bloomed

and withered

taking with it

the love that you had.

words shouted at each other

a love that was destroying

your self-esteem

your happiness.

it’s okay, bro.

we got this.

you have an army at your back.

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