let it die when she does.

will i learn to resent you? i'm beginning to see parts of her in you. her legacy will remain that of a despotic regime. a hatred-filled reign of manipulation and domination.   i fear that your hand holding mine will turn to steel, unforgiving shackles to tame; control to maintain.   is this our heritage? [...]

our blood stains these cathedral walls

it's wanting to punch your fist through a wall. it's an open wound, bleeding - unbearable.   contracting and retracting; my womb is shedding itself.   a riotous force, armies in battle:   stab, stab, stabbing.   an almighty force, it symbolises my sexual maturity my monetary value in our society - i become property. [...]

i am astounded by your brilliance

i am astounded by your brilliance, surrounded by a luminescence, a magnetism (a magnificence) completely primal.   your eyes, they glitter with knowledge (laughter) an omniscience, an open window.   i hear your laugh, a victorious exclamation of hilarity - everyone knows you, they yearn to be within you, of you, around you. i don't think you're comfortable [...]