when you hit that low (low, low, low)

hi lovelies.

currently, it is sunday evening which means tomorrow is monday and the week begins again. i seem to have found myself lagging. if you could see my desk right now, you would either splash holy water in my face or hug me in commissary – there is literally no in between. in the beginning of the semester, i found myself finally getting into a productive and worthwhile groove. not only was i ahead of my work but i was reading as much as i could (even though it wasn’t alot butย still)ย and writing on the blog and having a grand old time. now, the semester is three weeks from ending and four (i think) till placement, and it’s like my bodyย nowย wants to rest. trying to get the motivation to do anything related to not watching Chinese or Korean dramasย or an hour-long vlive of Jungkook eating, my brain begins to riot and my body practically shuts down.

kookie me.gif
ย me right now

basically, i’m now starting to stress the frick out and when i get stressed, a majority of the time i procrastinate like crazy until the last minute and then adrenaline keeps me going. i’ve just hit a bit of a low but i’mย hoping that the start of the new week will rejuvenate my somehow. i’ve even stopped watching study with me’s and they would motivate the shit out of me. ugh. well, i do know that i have scheduled three blog posts to go up this week, so please enjoy and give them some love!


if anyone else is feeling exactly like i am, please let me know. we can gather around the campfire together and scream ourย anxiety into the night.



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