I taught for the first time!

Today was my first ever time actually teaching students in a classroom at an actual school. Before y'all go crazy, I am on placement so I didn't just randomly walk into a classroom and hijack the place. I'm meant to be here, honest. And to be quite truthful, it wasn't fantastic but it also wasn't [...]

beauty is a construct

beauty is a construct. it forces, enforces, standards of beauty to conform to an institutionalisation of individual suppression. you are unique. you are the only you in existence. be you without fear, rebel against the authority which deigns to speak about the wonderment of your face. - because you are beautiful, love.

TOP PICKS: Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh

Ok, I wrote this quick little rant before one of my classes because I couldn't hold in my emotions and also because I was procrastinating haarrdd. I just really wanted to wax poetic about Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh. Now, if you've read my post where I literally rant (oh my god that is literally all [...]

i want to possibly try something.

Recently, I've been thinking of possibly adding an 'education' series on my blog. Like, posts talking about the conferences I've been to, the learning that I'm currently doing, etc. If I haven't already told y'all, I'm a pre-service teacher! So, I felt like maybe I should do mini posts that talk about issues in education, [...]

fuck you, we won’t fight in your wars #staywoke

i find myself exhausted. a bone-deep inescapable tiredness, an amalgamation of frustration, like cleaved nails scouring across a hard textured surface. indelicate obscene and overwhelmingly bloody fucking annoying. Malfunctioning dildos like the, Donald Trump’s Pauline Hanson’s and Mike Pence's of the world; stains on the very fabric of that which is the equality and humanity we [...]

#REVIEW of THE HATE YOU GIVE by Angie Thomas

5/5. Read it. Now. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas needs to be a compulsory novel read in secondary schools across the world. It is a modern classic, speaking from a perspective not quite heard in the book community; and that is from the perspective of people of colour. Even though there is a [...]

the impermanence of your permanence.

it’s easier to say that you’re dead, instead of just, you left and never looked back. how ironic that the prospect of your death would be easier to handle than watching you walk away so casually, (a voluntary abandonment). it's easier to say that you're dead rather than remember how my mother's tears created permanent [...]


the destruction commenced unwarranted catastrophic. I raised my hands a blessing tasting the fire the ash. don’t be fooled by the burns of the leftover destruction. having to rise from those ashes I discovered re-discovered Myself. My strength. My intelligence. A glorious phoenix with wings of fire and ash. - flying, soaring. a winged beast of [...]


Another week already? I think this is part three? Well, fuck. I feel like I've done nothing. Maybe because I haven't. Uni starts back up again next week, and to say that I'm excited is possibly pushing it just a bit. But, none of that! Let's break down my week...book-style! I think my last 'this week [...]