fuck you, we won’t fight in your wars #staywoke

i find myself exhausted.

a bone-deep inescapable tiredness,

an amalgamation of frustration,

like cleaved nails scouring across

a hard textured surface.



and overwhelmingly bloody fucking annoying.

Malfunctioning dildos like the,

Donald Trumpโ€™s

Pauline Hansonโ€™sย and

Mike Pence’s

of the world;

stains on the very fabric of that which is

the equality and humanity we have fought

for centuries, and

are still fighting so our voices can be heard

over their inhumane screeching

of corruption and hate.

Fuck them.


Fuck them. And the people

who voted and agreed with these shitstains

of human beings.

how dare you

try to divide us

with your ignorant spew,


Fuck you. We wonโ€™t fight in your wars

We will not sacrifice our worth

To legitimate any sort of strength or authority

To your reign.
we will dance in the streets to celebrate our unity, and kneel to show our courage.

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