TOP PICKS: Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh

Ok, I wrote this quick little rant before one of my classes because I couldn’t hold in my emotions and also because I was procrastinating haarrdd.

I just really wanted to wax poetic aboutย Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh. Now, if you’ve read my post where I literally rant (oh my god that is literally all Iย do, what is my life) about my Top 6 Series: Adult Fiction Edition,ย y’all know that Nalini Singh’sย Guildhunterย andย Psy-changeling/Trinityย series, are my top two! I have been reading Nalini Singh’s wonderous novels since high school, and I have honestly never been disappointed. Nalini Singh can write a 3000-word essay about snails and I will read it and love it and quote it and tell everyone to bloody read it because she is a QUEEN.


Archangel’s Viper is the tenth book in herย Guildhunterย series, and I did not think that I would fall in love so hard with Venom and Holly.

From the outset, the one thing that will stand out to you, as the reader, is the way Nalini Singh weaves her narrative. Is it just me or has Nalini’s writingย become better?ย First of all, how is that possible because she has always been the queen of fiction writing? And second of all, how dare she play with my heart like that?! Maybe it was because the characters are so utterly unique.ย But let me get back to that. First, let’s talk about Holly.

We were introduced to Holly Chang in Angel’s Blood, a survivor of the terror and insanity of archangel Uramโ€™s bloodlust. And to be quite honest, I didnโ€™t really care about her character as much. I was too caught up in everyone else; but, I knew-knew-ย that she and Venom would be a thing. From then, to now, her character development is incredible. I wonโ€™t spoil the book because I honestly think that everyone needs to read this series, so I’ll just say that Holly is a precious, kick-ass, unicorn QUEEN. She literally has rainbow hair. I love her. There is such a strength to her character that I was blown away. BLOWN AWAY. Her humour, her courage, her relationship with her family (I love Holly’s mum) and how she fights to remember and continue to be true to herself. And no, I am not going to talk about whatย kindย of vampire she is, because y’all need toย read it.

Moving on… VENOM IS GOALS. Venom has always been in the background in his suits, hissing at everyone, and this book weย finallyย get to see what’s behind those slitted eyes (and what’s underneath those suits –ย hot damn). Venom really surprised me. I shouldn’t have been surprised – because Nalini Singh makes you fall in love with every character she writes – but he hit me right in the feels. We see a different, more softer side to him. His humanity is able to shine through, and his relationships with those in the Seven, just highlights how much of a family they really are. It was beautiful. And Venomโ€™s relationship with Holly was wonderfully written- their banter is honestly the best dialogue written. It is a real relationship and Venom does not sugarcoat anything- I think he knows that to do so would forever impact his relationship with Holly.

I would definitely rate this book 5/5 and Iโ€™m already longing for the next instalment! Nalini Singh never disappoints so I highly recommend reading her series!

Till next time, happy reading yโ€™all!



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