we don’t let our lips pull apart.

there's an acknowledgement, i guess, in the silence. we don't let our lips pull apart. just a moment, filled with the heaving of our breaths.   i don't really feel guilty in taking what i want. you broke me, now: you're the one crawling on your knees, begging for my hands my lips my heat [...]


what are we?

what are we? fighters with no one to fight, wars that aren't our own. working ourselves to the bone the neverending story, on repeat.   will it ever change? sometimes i sit small, curl myself up, contemplating the earth that i won't witness. to busy being dead.   think about it. our lives are so [...]

our blood stains these cathedral walls

it's wanting to punch your fist through a wall. it's an open wound, bleeding - unbearable.   contracting and retracting; my womb is shedding itself.   a riotous force, armies in battle:   stab, stab, stabbing.   an almighty force, it symbolises my sexual maturity my monetary value in our society - i become property. [...]