throw flames like a girl.

I lovedย The Princess Saves Herself In This Oneย and I have to say that I completely, with my entire heart, adoredย The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One.ย Amanda Lovelace is one of my favourite poets, purely because of the power of her writing. Her work is not a gentle touch to the heart, no; it is a fierce pounding at the walls surrounding it, her work lights you on fire and encourages you to confront the demons haunting you. She is a powerful, articulate and mesmerising.


Part two of herย Women Are Some Kind Of Magicย series, The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One is a firestorm celebrating uniqueness and womanhood. Following the structure ofย The Princess Saves Herself In This One,ย The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This Oneย is broken down into four chapters: (1) the trial; (2) the burning; (3) the firestorm and; (4) the ashes. Lovelace urges women around the world toย never be sorry for who we are. It is unquestionably a call to arms, for women everywhere to know of their worth and to call up a storm when we are broken down because of our gender. Lovelace has the ability to speak on how ‘womanhood’ affects those who identify as women – catcalling, being thought of as property, being told to obey, being the scapegoat – it is a universal feeling of ultimate betrayal when women are thought of as nothing but property. Lovelace fundamentally emphasises the amount of work our society needs to accomplish before true gender equality is seen – but more than that, there needs to be a re-education for all young people in our society to be aware of such social and cultural issues of inequality and discrimination.

However, I do want to acknowledge the fact that Amanda Lovelace does speak from her own personal experiences, and her interactions with gender discrimination, misogyny and sexism come from a place where her race, culture and/or religion is not a concern. Fundamentally, she does not speak for the experience of women of colour. However, it is a remarkable and inspiring poetry collection and I urge everyone – woman, man, nonbinary – to please pick this up and absorb its message and it’s powerful poetic eloquence. I giveย The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This Oneย 5 out of 5 stars.ย 

Hope you enjoyed, lovelies! Until next time, happy reading!




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