feminism: a reality check.

I just don’t really agree with feminism,

you say,

I love men, so how could I

perpetuate an ideologue that demeans


I find catcalls flattering,

you claim,

it is nice to know that

men find me attractive.

It’s just a joke,

you say,

when a man calls me a

cheeky bitch

Just some harmless fun,

you tell me,

isn’t he just so funny?

Ignore him,

you advise me,

when he pinched my arse

Thatโ€™s just the way he is.

Donโ€™t be so sensitive.

You know how men are,

I wouldnโ€™t worry about it.

But I did.

(I wanted to slap him in the face,

and tell him never fucking touch me

you son of a bitch.

You were there,

so I didnโ€™t tell him that the real

reason why all his wives left him

was because he refused to treat

them like human beings).

You are a woman,


buys her own shit;

independent as fuck.

You are where you are

because generations of women fought

for their right to be seen

as more than a uterus

whose place was in the kitchen

making a sandwich for the husband

who was in front of the television


and drinking his beer.

You rarely bad mouth a man

because you mistake sexism and misogyny

for flattery and humour.

All you do, though, is regard women as nothing

more than objects to be judged.

โ€œOh my god, look at her, sheโ€™s the fattest lady Iโ€™ve seen.

How can she wear that skirt? Has she looked in the mirror?

How is he married to that?โ€

Your attitude is the result of generational

perceptions imbued within society

from patriarchal structures of sexism.

Iโ€™m talking in generalisations

but understand this,

I donโ€™t intend to shove my beliefs in your face.

just donโ€™t tell me that I should accept harassment

just because theyโ€™re men

And I am a woman.

–ย i have no time for your outdated notions of ‘gender equality’

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