hey, i’ve missed you.

hi, my dudes! It is I, Allie, resurrected. I just thought I would quickly write up a little something, considering I've been AWOL for actual MONTHS on my blog. First of all, I am extremely sorry but my university coursework is insane and I just finished two back to back placements! It's my final semester [...]


  And I'm back! With another video! I do have to admit, it was kind of fun to film this! Only because I was slightly crazy and I don't remember much of what I was trying to say. Most of these videos are 'stream of consciousness' videos so...enjoy! Let me know what books you found [...]

family secrets

he was a demon preying on the weak the vulnerable; his own daughter. a soul-sucking shtriga creeping into her room touching her hurting her forcing himself on her his wife an accomplice a bystander, nothing but a supervisor guardingย his honour. she grew up though as he grew older ageingย in such a way outsiders knew of [...]