but donโ€™t resign yourself to a nothing-life.

but donโ€™t resign yourself to a nothing-life.

this poem is slightly cringe-worthy and i'm embarrassed to post it, only because I've been suffering severe writer's block where my poetry is concerned. if it lacks a bit of something, if the wording is off, know that this is raw and unedited. i wanted to showcase the difficulty of finding the write words to [...]

what are we?

what are we? fighters with no one to fight, wars that aren't our own. working ourselves to the bone the neverending story, on repeat.   will it ever change? sometimes i sit small, curl myself up, contemplating the earth that i won't witness. to busy being dead.   think about it. our lives are so [...]

our blood stains these cathedral walls

it's wanting to punch your fist through a wall. it's an open wound, bleeding - unbearable.   contracting and retracting; my womb is shedding itself.   a riotous force, armies in battle:   stab, stab, stabbing.   an almighty force, it symbolises my sexual maturity my monetary value in our society - i become property. [...]

i am astounded by your brilliance

i am astounded by your brilliance, surrounded by a luminescence, a magnetism (a magnificence) completely primal.   your eyes, they glitter with knowledge (laughter) an omniscience, an open window.   i hear your laugh, a victorious exclamation of hilarity - everyoneย knows you, theyย yearnย to be within you, of you, around you. i don't think you're comfortable [...]