feminism: a reality check.

I just don't really agree with feminism, you say, I love men, so how could I perpetuate an ideologue that demeans them? I find catcalls flattering, you claim, it is nice to know that men find me attractive. It's just a joke, you say, when a man calls me a cheeky bitch Just some harmless [...]

beauty is a construct

beauty is a construct. it forces, enforces, standards of beauty to conform to an institutionalisation of individual suppression. you are unique. you are the only you in existence. be you without fear, rebel against the authority which deigns to speak about the wonderment of your face. - because you are beautiful, love.

I got you, boo[ks]

We've alllllllll been there. Staring confusedly at the bookshelves at your local bookstore (mine's QBD, represent), and you think to yourself...what in the actual fuck should I read? What is even good? What will I like? How can I bloody tell from only the blurb and the cover???????????????????????????????? Fear not, my precious book monsters! As this is something that [...]

#REVIEW of THE HATE YOU GIVE by Angie Thomas

5/5. Read it. Now. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas needs to be a compulsory novel read in secondary schools across the world. It is a modern classic, speaking from a perspective not quite heard in the book community; and that is from the perspective of people of colour. Even though there is a [...]

a sequel

i pushed through the wind and there was something so painfully beautiful in the action so simple yet so powerful. i pushed through the wind and i felt carefree young happy i was who i was meant to be in that moment, unapologetically flawed and absolutelyย beautiful. i learnt something that day in the park, surrounded [...]

The Last Ride of the Bastard Machine by Neil Michael Burke: A Review

The Last Ride of the Bastard Machine by Neil Michael Burke: A Review

NOTE: This is going to be a slightly different review; in that, I thought I would 'vlog' my thoughts concerning this short novel whereby I bring you on a journey to a genre I have never read before. Let's hope this is not a complete train-wreck of an idea, and if it is, I apologise [...]