As it has been my first week out of placement, I haven’t read all that many books (but ask me how many videos I’ve binged watched about BTS *insert jungkookย gif here*). But I have managed to find the motivation between lazing around and basking in the knowledge that I have absolutely nothing due, to finally read Rupi Kaur’sย The Sun and her Flowers. I have to say that my expectations were pretty high after my intense and overwhelming love affair with her debut poetry collection,ย Milk and Honey,ย andย The Sun and her Flowersย utterly surpassed my expectations.

I cried. I laughed. I roared. I found home. I felt, oh lord, did I feel. Rupi Kaur constantly and consistently amazes me with her ability to articulateย emotions with words. In a brief verse, Kaurย exposes you down to your very core and it canย hurt, but that is the ultimate beauty of her poetry and why she has become such a powerhouse artist and poet.

I beg of you, if you haven’t already, please pick upย The Sun and her Flowers you will not regret it. We need to have more of a love of poetry in this day and age, a moment of beauty where racism, oppression, slave trade, police brutality, sexism and the perpetuation of rape culture is still maintaining it’s grasp on our society.

Following from Rupi Kaur’s transcendent work, I picked by r.h. Sin’sย A beautiful composition of broken from my bookshelf. For me, the difference from Kaur’s to Sin’s was immediate. Most tellingly, Sin is a man, writing poetry from a male perspective, and I have never actually read poetry (other than the classic D.H. Lawrence, Edgar Allen Poe and William Yeats) from a male perspective before, so it was definitely different but holy cow, bloody amazing.

He writes so wonderfully, the only way I can explain it is he writes musical compositions – an insight to the soul, to the person- and he is fantastic. To the point, where I am definitely going to buy his three other poetry collections to ensure that I have everything he has written on my shelf. He is eloquent, lyrical, insightful, enlightening, powerful and relatable.

In terms of ratings, Rupi Kaur’sย The Sun and her flowers would be a 5/5; with r.h. Sin’sย a beautiful composition of brokenย a 4/5.

Especially because it is the holiday season, these would be a great gift to educate an individualย about themselves, beauty and personal empowerment.

Until next week! Happy reading y’all!



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