matching flower tattoos & motorbike gears

she was driving when I looked over

from the passenger seat.

one hand on the wheel,

the other adding emphasis to her words

a telling symptom of her greekness.

like a meteor shredding through earthโ€™s atmosphere

smashing into earthโ€™s plains and distorting the landscape,

i was suddenly and inexplicably hit by the mortality of the woman next to me.

i have always steered away from thinking

of an existence without her

but reality is a cruel bitch

and it does its best to remind me

that one day i will wake up

with her but a memory

a picture of the past.

my brother and i the only artifacts

attesting to the life she lived.

salt dries on my cheeks,

(paths of misery)

at just the thought.

a relationship baptised by blood, sweat and tears

needs more than forty more years.

we need an eternity.

but life is too short

so we tattoo our bond on our skin

a testament to love,

matching flower tattoos and

interlocking triangles and

gears of a motorbike

and a single crown;

because my mum is a queen

and my baby brother is the reason i breathe

(why I function).

one hundred years from now, theyโ€™ll excavate my corpse and ponder the permanent ink scarred onto my body. a historical record documenting my heart and soul and the reason i was on this earth.

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