matching flower tattoos & motorbike gears

she was driving when I looked over from the passenger seat. one hand on the wheel, the other adding emphasis to her words a telling symptom of her greekness. like a meteor shredding through earth’s atmosphere smashing into earth’s plains and distorting the landscape, i was suddenly and inexplicably hit by the mortality of the [...]

unwanted affection (don’t touch me).

is it too much to ask for consent. is it too emasculating for him to even consider a no. a stop. a don’t touch me. (victim blaming) shaming slut. whore. She asked for it, they say. But she wasn’t asked anything It was taken Stolen. Why do we ignore him? Why isn’t he held accountable? [...]

a sequel

i pushed through the wind and there was something so painfully beautiful in the action so simple yet so powerful. i pushed through the wind and i felt carefree young happy i was who i was meant to be in that moment, unapologetically flawed and absolutely beautiful. i learnt something that day in the park, surrounded [...]