Fellow friends and other dudes,

I just wanted to apologise for not being as active as usual on the ol’ blog, I have just finished placement so I am hoping to be posting three times a week as usual (but like give me another week to get back into the groove please)! I have already begun drafting some bookish goodies so I’ll be keeping everyone in the loop on my twitter (@allieereads).

Honestly, placement was the most fantastic experience ever and I am so thankful that I did it at the school that I was placed – the most welcoming and friendly staff and students – although classroom management wise, I definitely learned a few skills coz they were hella cray, but I loved it. The school even asked three times if I could come back and do placement there next year and my supervising teacher even approached my university about it (which they said no, because they want all their students to be placed at different schools even though this school is like the only Catholic school in my area but ok). It was bloody fabulous. But exhausting. And honestly, I’ve missed this blog! I did queue poems every week but it’s not theย same.

Anyway, I might post a more detailed blog post in the future about my placement experience as part of my ‘education’ series! Oh, and a little something about my experience at the book signing for Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner’s new bookย Unearthed! So many ideas and not enough time!

Happy reading y’all! And if you live in Melbourne, Australia, keep safe from all this rain!



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