but don’t resign yourself to a nothing-life.

this poem is slightly cringe-worthy and i’m embarrassed to post it, only because I’ve been suffering severe writer’s block where my poetry is concerned. if it lacks a bit of something, if the wording is off, know that this is raw and unedited. i wanted to showcase the difficulty of finding the write words to articulate meaning for me when I am in writer’s block. so enjoy this mediocre poem

I saw a picture of you

just a stand-alone image

of time stood still.


A moment.

but time moves

And moves it does


You’ve changed


I don’t recognise the


that’s made home in your eyes.


(It’s as if you’re waiting

For the call.

For she they call Death

To grasp your soul

to the place you hold contempt.)


it slapped me,

the knowledge,


time is steadily,


Moving forward.


And though it seems

As if your stuck

Your face shows

Your age.


you’ve aged.

i have to.




I didn’t realise how much until a saw

A picture of you.


A stand alone image

Of time gone still.

A moment.


-bless you and find peace. But don’t resign yourself to a nothing-life.

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