Whoops. I am so late. I thought I wrote this blog post! Maybe I dreamt it? Sometimes, I am a lost cause. If you don’t already know, every month I make a short post talking about the books I read in the past month. If you want to read January and February, then click on the links and read away!

Ok. March reading wrap up. This is going to be super short. Here we go!

let's do this

Happily by Chauncey Rogers


A re-telling of the classic fairy-tale, Cinderella, Chauncey Rogers brings forth a refreshing, hilariousย roar of a book that brings the story of Cinderella a much-needed twist. With a female protagonist, Laure, who succeeds in being a kick

Happily Ebook Coverass woman, Rogers places the story of Happily at the peripheral of the Cinderella fairy-tale. The reader is at the understanding that the events of the fairy-tale are occurring in parallel with the events of Happily, and when they interact, it is a work of beauty. Laure, a street urchin, lives day by day, stealing food and money in order to leave the city and build a new life. Luc is an aspiring silk and cloth merchant whose life suddenly takes an interesting and fiery turn when Laure drops into his life. Whilst Laure is running away from people and Luc for reasons I won’t tell you as I don’t want to spoil the goodness, the King announces quite a significantย quest – to find the woman who left her glass shoe at the ball.

What follows is literally an adventure in hilarity, feistiness, romance and action. I wrote a full-length review here, I highly recommend picking this one up!

Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman


Obsidioย nearly killed me. Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman are such incredible writers and the third and final instalment of theย Illuminae Series, and it did not disappoint. I loved reading about Aidan, Kady, Ezra, Nic, Hanna and the gang and seeing them literally kick intergalactic ass. I was furiously attempting at trying to connect all the dots myself and trying to piece together all those conspiracies, trying to be a step ahead of the narrative. If you want this visually represented, well, this was me:

i had to put in a BTS gif, i justย hadย to.

The only qualm I had withย Obsidioย though, was that I felt there was really no need for Rhys and Asha. Although I understand that there needed to beย someone on Kerenza to aid in the overall destroying of the bad guys, Asha and Rhys were otherwise redundant. There was no significant story development between them, it was difficult to form an emotional attachment to them because I honestly did not care. At one stage, there was a moment where Rhys could have died and I could not care less. Rhys and Asha were bland in an otherwise colourful assortment of wonderfully crafted characters.

Yes, that is all the books I read in March. You can even look at my Goodreads, I honestly only read two books. I am a failure. Otherwise, I will make sure I post myย reading wrap-ups in a more timely manner for April! Until next time! Happy reading!



(please feel free in letting me know what you’ve read this month!)

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