HOW IS IT THE MIDDLE OF MARCH ALREADY I DON’T UNDERSTAND?! Why is it that January feels like it went for 84 years, but February felt like a 20-second ad that I immediately pressed skip on?

Last month I did a January Reading Wrap Up, and a lot of you seemed to enjoy it! So I thought to bring it back for February, and possibly make it a monthlyย series on my blog. Without further ado, let’s sink our teeth in what I have gobbled up this month!

FYI, it wasn’t that many books this month. If you’ve been following me on my twitter (@allieereads), you know that it’s because I had exams and the start of the semester for university. But let’s get into it, shall we?

italian billionaire’s stubborn lover by leslie north


This was a super adorable, steamy and sexy read. You can read my full-length review hereย if you want a more detailed analysis. Leslie North introduced her newย Romano Brother’s series through theย Italian Billionaire’s Stubborn Lover, where we met Nicolo Romano and his follow him as he falls in hopeless love with the feisty and strong real estate agent, Adeline Peluso.ย  I’ll say again that I felt that the overall narrative gave a really strong narrative that was steeped in realism. The romance, the doubt, the insecurities and the friendship between Nicolo and Adeline was well-written and beautifully rendered. I thoroughly enjoyed the use of the hotel Romano del Mare as the point where the most significant events of Nicoloโ€™s and Adelineโ€™s relationship, is tied to the hotel. Super adorable and a must read! I have all her series now on my to-read list.


the dangerous art of blending in by angelo surmelis


There are no words to properly express the amount of love that I have for this beautiful, wondrous novel of inescapable and unparalleled rawness. This would be one of those YA novels thatย every single individual on this earth needs to read because its voice is so important and needs to be heard. I wrote a full-length review of it here, and I highly recommend you read it if you still need to be persuaded to pick up this book and buy it.


the shadow girl by misty mount


The Shadow Girlย by Misty Mount is an intricately delicate narrative that deals with mental health in such a respectful and honest way, that it left me in near tears. The story follows Zylia Moss and her journey towards self-acceptance and self-love, with a side dish of family mystery and supernatural-like abilities. It was a magical story about a beautiful girl who only wanted to beย seen. Never fear, I wrote a full-length review hereย because I had such intense feelings for this book, because there are aspects of Zylia that I see in myself, and it’s such a relatable story that it is a must-read.


fire and fury: inside the trump white houseย by michael wolff


Oh my lord. What a train-wreck this was. The writing was atrocious, it read like a narrative and Iย really hate Donald Trump. The only reason why I gave it two stars instead of the one that it deserves, is that it made me laugh at the utter ridiculousness of the content, and the fact that it solidified Donald Trump as a tyrannical dickhead who has too much power in his too little hands than he knows what to do with, so he tweets about it instead. He is a ridiculous, pathetic and disgusting human being and that is all I have to say.


judgement roadย by christine feehan


I loved this book. I can’t wait for the next one already. Christine Feehan always slays the romance and action genre of adult fiction, and she did it again withย Judgement Road. Not only was it a story of finding love between Reaper and Anya, but it also was a story that weaved in the crippling effects of trauma, how family is who you make of it and finding a home in an unlikely place with those you love the closet to you. And there were motorcycle gangs like this wasย everything. I wrote a full-length review here too, so go and gobble that one up!


if i tell youย by alicia tuckerman


A #LoveOzYa debut novel that grabbed my heart and broke it into tiny little pieces. This was a queer YA romance and coming-of-age novel centred on Alex Summers and her relationship with her friends, her family and her town when she makes the eventual decision to come out as gay. Although Alex has always known who she really is, it wasn’t until Phoenix Stone strutted into the town of Two Creeks, where Alex realised that, firstย hello, how you doin’, and second, she needs to make a decision. It is an emotionally poignant story that will have you in tears and I highly recommend everyone to read it! The full-length review will also be published this week, so keep a look-out!

And that’s all folks! Let me know what you’ve been reading down in the comments if ya want! Until next time! Happy reading!





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