hey dudes,

I just want to apologise for the fact that I’ve been AWOL. Uni has been chaotic since it was the last few weeks of the semester. Now, I’m currently on placement and it’s exhausting but amazing but I’m literally tiredย all the time so I haven’t had time to write a review or write any sort of poetry.


On the plus side, I’m currently correcting some Year 8 Religous education tests and I am having so much fun reading what these students write as their responses. I’m in a constant state of laughter and worry. It’s a vicious cycle.


I am hoping to finish two reviews this weekend because I’ve committed to writing them and it’s taken me literallyย forever to find the time to sit down and write them. So, I apologise for the authors waiting for those reviews!


Ok. That’s it for now. Recess is officially over. I’m out.




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