rode the dragon who breathed fire

I don’t know how we did it

but we did.

rode the dragon

who breathed fire

destroyed towns and

cities to get where we are.

there was a time

wasn’t there

where we were worried

about having to sleep

in the car.

it was the not knowing,

that nearly killed us

dragged us down into

an abyss of darkness


an evolving demon of anxiety.

where will we go?

but sometimes we forget

about the people around us.

if we let them in

a community

of hands to support


shoulders to lean on and

a network of security,

a blanket of love.

we got our shelter.

a little house

(in limbo)

haunted by the ghost,

who would try to sneak

snacks in theย kitchen in the

dead of night.

brother would throw open his

bedroom door,


but wanting mum to know

that he understands now,

the man of the house cannot be scared

of a ghost who dares

walk in his place.

that house

god, that house,

was a definite hurdle

to our happiness.

depression curdled


in that place.

it clung to the architraves

a plague of misery.

but in that house

haunted by a ghost

who took his own life

in the garage that housed all we had,

we grew closer.

we had to.

we reconfigured to a family

of three

interlocking triangles

pointing to our hearts.

that’s what we became

and that’s what we are.

–ย i guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. you grew into a queen, I a warrior and he a conqueror.ย 

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