unwanted affection (don’t touch me).

is it too much to ask

for consent.

is it too emasculating for him

to even consider a no.

a stop.

a donโ€™t touch me.

(victim blaming)




She asked for it, they say.

But she wasnโ€™t asked anything

It was taken


Why do we ignore him?

Why isnโ€™t he held accountable?

He took and took and took

till only a shell of a woman

was left.

but we’re coming for them. women are now uniting

fighting against the system that fights to suppress their voice.

we are an orchestra

a choir of discontent

we will fight and fight

conquer the system until we are respected.

until men like him are the ones facing



disgust at his actions,

at his refusal to treat women as more than

sexual objects.

we are not here for you gratification

you impotent psychotic used condom of a man.ย 

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