I got you, boo[ks]

We’ve alllllllll been there. Staring confusedly at the bookshelves at your local bookstore (mine’s QBD, represent), and you think to yourself…what in the actual fuck should I read? What is even good? What will I like? How can I bloody tell from only the blurb and the cover????????????????????????????????

Fear not, my precious book monsters! As this is something that I personally do all the bloody time, I thought, hey! Why not give yall some tips and tricks to pick that perfect book for your weekend chill time?!

Fair warning though, this list is going to be short but lit af (did I use that right? if I didn’t, well, I used ‘lit’ ironically so ha-ha).



Seriously, this website is a lifesaver! Make an account. Participate in the review process. Not only does it give a broad rating out of 5, but it also shows what actual people have said about it…this may seem stupidly simple, and you’re most likely sitting there going, ‘well duh allie I already fucking knew‘, but I JUST WANTED TO EMPHASISE THIS GODSEND OF A WEBSITE OK?!



Do it. Get that book all up in your grill. You need to smell the essence of it. Does it smell like a book should? Does it give you the nostalgic vibes of books past read? The smell of the book needs to be ambrosia on your tongue; the smell overwhelms the air you breathe in and your chest is filled with the potential feels of characters loved and lost, and the multiplicity of universes to visit. 

If, however, the book smells bleh. Kind of like what your grandmother smells like? You know, the oldish smell mixed with feet? Then put it dowwwn. And I know what you’re going to say! ‘ALLIE ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME THAT YOU HATE OLD BOOKS?’. Now, that is a gross exaggeration. There is a difference between second-hand book smell/antique books and books that smell like your grandma’s feet. TRUST ME. When you smell the book, you will know. It’s science.



Find a friend/sibling/cousin/neighbour/internet pal where you can fangirl/boy in peace about all the books. It is awesome to have that one person who will always give advice concerning what book to read/buy/borrow. You need that one person to be like, ‘uh babe, don’t read that one. trust me. just don’t. i wanted to rip the book in half by the end of it‘.

It’s refreshing, and so so needed!

And remember, you got a friend in me (*WOOODDDYYYYY*) so hit me up if you ever want to chat about anything bookish!


That’s it! There’s mostly heaps more, but these are the ones that I usually stick to myself, even if they sound fucking ridiculous. And, although it’s hard, do not judge a book by its cover! Yes, I know, cliche as hell, but it is true. Give a book a chance, especially if it smells good (hehehe) and it has a Goodreads rating of at least 3.8/5. Close enough to four that you know it should be okay, but with enough reviews showcasing negative and positive opinions. Which, I quite like, because I can make a judge for myself whether the book’s positive points, make up for the shit stuff.

Any thoughts, or other tricks that y’all have, leave a comment down below! I’d love to know people’s rituals when getting ready to find a book to read.

Till next time! Happy reading!



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