Weekly Check In: getting out of a reading slump

The week started off bleak.

I didn’t know whether I would be able to CONQUER my TBR for the week.

But alas, I did.

I did it through perserverance, hard work and not having time for mediocre books.

NAH, just kidding.

But! I did get over a mini reading slump! This week I have read four books, which is pretty good considering that I was not tempted AT ALL to pick up a book at the start of the week. But I freaking did it, my dudes. So, here are the books I have read!

1. Wilder Girls by Rory Power


I donโ€™t know why it took me so damn long to read it, but I just could not get into the story or the characters for the first 120 or so pages. Honestly, there was a point that I was contemplating DNFโ€™ing it because I legitimately was not interested in the story.

But I am happy that I kept reading because the last third of the book was super good. The entire premise of the story was freaking genius and that is what initially attracted me to this book and why I purchased it. But I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s my reading slump or what, but I did not like any of the characters and I found the plot to be a but mediocre. For me it was more just not understanding the inaction of the girls at the school. The only thing keeping the girls locked in or the outside animals out, was ONE flimsy lock on a door and some broken glass on the fence. It was shown how easy it was to get out by Hetty herself and if the girls united they could have easily DONE something instead of just not doing anything…there was a lack of curiosity and fighting to leave which I found strange? And the Tox itself, a parasite that works its way into the human body, is never really flushed out properly. This however could be on purpose to keep the reader in suspence – I just felt like I needed more. I was not convinced that there was nothing the girls could do to help their situation.

Can we also talk about that ending? I donโ€™t care that it is an open ending but HOW ABOUT THE REST OF THE GIRLS??? Hetty, Reece and Byatt just fucking left them without a thought?? Nice.

I just wasnโ€™t persuaded, if that makes sense. I want to be immersed in the world I am reading about and not sit there rolling my eyes.

Also the characters, for me, were mediocre. I didnโ€™t really like them- the most interesting of the three, Reece, didnโ€™t even have her own perspective which I thought was such a wasted opportunity! I thought the relationship that developed between Reece and Hetty was super adorable and I loved how it developed so naturally!

I did enjoy the last third of the book which is the reason why my rating is 3.5 stars and not just 3. Action packed with supposed โ€˜twistsโ€™ being announced – it was what I was hoping for the other two thirds of the book to be.

The Headmistress though, got what she deserved, the bitch. 

2. Heartstopper, v. 1 by Alice Oseman


mY ORIGINAL REVIEW oN GOODREADS FOR THIS BOOK STILL STANDS! I freaking adored Charlie and Nick’s story and I just love them both so much. I think what makes this graphic novel one of my favourites is the way in which the relationship between Nick and Charlie grows so organically. It seems realistic and so wonderful and we stan HEALTHY COMMUNICATION!!!!!

3. Heartstopper, v. 2 by Alice Oseman


My first re-read since I read it for the first time last year! Heartstopper is one of my all time favourite graphic novels. Alice Oseman has created such an incredible story with characters that are actually so wonderfully developed that it feels like I know them. I think Charlie and Nickโ€™s relationship is one of the most natural, realistic and adorable romantic relationship that I have read in YA. I just love how they are both as individual characters as well as a couple.

It is beautiful and inspiring and heartwarming and heartbreaking and Alice Oseman owns my ass.

4. Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts


Iโ€™m surprised at how well this book has aged! I freaking loved it which Iโ€™m so happy about! The only issue I had and it was minuscule but it is the reason why it is not a full five stars, was that I found the pacing to be sightless strange as well as the dialogue to be disjointed- a lot of short sentences and redirection in a way that didnโ€™t seem natural. I also felt that the character of King to be done a disservice in that, he was the only African American character and his only defining character trait was that he was African American. His skin colour was used as a signifyer, for instance sentences would be like this: ‘two tall, dark men, one with fiery red hair and a black men’. Like, if you’re not describing other characters in terms of their skin colour then why would you only do that for the only poc character in the book??

Other than that, I love the story and the characters! It is one of my favourite trilogies of all time. If you like paranormal romance and action, I definitely recommend it!

And that’s it for the weekly wrap up, lovely people! I just want to thank you all for the support recently! I ust hit 700 followers on my blog and that absolutely boggles my mind so thank you so much!

I hope you had a fantastic reading week and definitely let me know what you read in the comments!

Until next time, happy reading!

All the love,



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