Well, g’day friends! ‘Tis the season for readathons, isn’t it? So, earlier this week I shared for you my TBR for the O.W.L’s Magical Readathon that I’m participating in this July (as of this moment, I am reading my second-to-last book!) but I’m also participating in The Reading Rush which starts on Monday, 22nd of July! It came around pretty fast, not going to lie!

If you want more information about the readathon, check out the website and the twitter for the details!

Let’s get on with the TBR!

prompts and tbr


The first prompt is ‘read a book with purple on the cover‘. For this prompt, I’m going to be reading Sorcery of Thorns by Magarent Rogerson, which I’m also reading to fulfil an O.W.L’s Magical readathon prompt! I’m actually really looking forward to reading this one because EVERYONE absolutely loves it and I JUST NEED SOME CUTENESS IN MY LIFE.

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The second prompt is ‘read a book in the same spot‘. Now, I could very easily just merge this prompt with another, but since I needed to read this book this week anyway, I thought just to include it. The book is called I Am Change by Suzy Zail and I’m going to be a part of a blog tour for this book in August! It sounds incredible and powerful and I can’t wait to read it.


The third prompt is ‘read a book you meant to read last year‘ and legit, this is my entire TBR shelf. But I decided to choose Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Again, I’ve been wanting to read this for FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE YEARS and the BLACK EDITION IS SO BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN.

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The fourth prompt is ‘read an author’s first book’ and I decided to read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne to fulfil this challenge! I’ve been wanting to read this book for what feels like years! And I’m pretty sure it’s her first full-length book! But I also have a backup book, and that is The Kiss Quotient By Helen Hoang JUST IN CASE. I do tend to mood read so.


The fifth prompt is ‘read a book with a non-human main character’ and I can’t wait to read this one! It’s another graphic novel and it’s called Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu and it sounds adorable and everything I have ever wanted in a graphic novel!


Okay, the sixth prompt is ‘pick a book that has five or more words in the title‘ and for this one I have chosen a book hidden within the depths of my TBR shelf, and that is Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan. I have been meaning to read this book (and this series) for what seems like years, and it most likely is, so I cannot wait to get stuck into it!


So the seventh prompt is ‘read and watch a book to movie adaption’ and I could double up and also use Percy Jackson for this, so that’s my plan B if I don’t have time to read a seventh book; but if I do have time, then I will re-read Simon Vs. the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli because I loved the book back when I read it for the first time and the movie made me cry!


Well, good evening friends! Today feels like its beena whirlwind, but it hasnt, it just feels that way to me!

So, I began the day slapping my snooze button because I did have the most restful sleep last night at all, and I did not want to wake up at 6am this morning, no sir. I went to university on a mission, I had shit to do and more shit to write…but then I remembered….TODAY WAS THE START OF THE READING RUSH READATHON!!!

Lucky I brought my iPad with me to uni today, so when I went on my lunch break, I busted open my eARC copy of Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu. I read the first two chapters sitting at my desk eating oats in strawberry yogurt (THAT WAS LACTOSE FREE, I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON NOT TO EAT DAIRY AT UNI…THAT IS ANOTHER STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY).

I finished Mooncakes within a few hours after I came home and my initial reaction after I finished it was HOLY SHIT I LOVED IT.

Mooncakes is a beautiful story about finding love with childhood crushes, magic, believing in oneself and the power of family. Although it was quite short (as most graphic novels are), the characters were well developed and their connections with each other were well described and detailed. It did feel, to me, more of a middle-grade book in terms of the simplistic premise, but it worked so good because ultimately, it is a story about finding your true power and about being your own person. The fact this this novel had such a wonderfully diverse cast, also made me scream in happiness. Nova, our resident witch, was hard of hearing and thus wears hearing aids, which was so effing fantastic to see portrayed! She is also queer and from a Chinese family (I believe) and her grandmother is married to another woman, so F/F FOR THE WIN. Then we have Tam, our non-binary werewolf who runs away from home after their stepfather shows his true colours as a man who is a part of demon-wolf cult who wants to sacrifice his step-child to the…you guessed it…the demon-wolf.

I loved Tam and I loved Nova, I loved how their relationship progressed, I loved how Tam ‘came out’ as non-binary to the Nova’s grandmother’s and it was just so chill and depicts such a fantastic inclusive and accepting story that it had me tear up.

Also, I want to work in a magical book shop.

Mooncakes is a 5 star read because it made me so happy! When it comes out in October, make sure to read it!!

As of right now, I am 100 pages into my next book, for the prompt ‘pick a book with more than five words in the title’ and that is Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. Currently, I am loving it. I was not expecting to enjoy Percy’s character as much as I am. He is more snarky and hilarious than I imagined and I have laughed out loud so many times! I am thinking of possibly reading at least 20 pages more, but I am so tired, so I might just put on some ASMR and fall asleep!

That’s it for tonight, friends! I am thinking of possibly doing a check in everyday for the reading rush readathon but I don’t want to make any promises!

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow!), happy reading!

All the love,




  1. I haven’t heard of ‘I am Change’ before now but from that tag line I’m super intrigued! Can’t wait to read your review about it

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