Why do I do this to myself? It is just too bloody hard, goddamn it. Ok, so I wrote my “Top 6 Series: YA EDITION” and people seemed to enjoy it – I have no idea why, but I appreciate it y’all! So I’m back! And I thought I might delve into the abyss that is ADULT FICTION dun dun duunnnnnn.

THIS WAS FUCKING DIFFICULT JUST FYI. And series that I really wanted to include, I didn’t because I wanted to emphasise others and it. was. hard. as. fuck. But let’s try, shall we?


1. The Psy-Changeling/ Trinity Series by Nalini Singh

I have re-read this series at least five times by now. I began reading this particular series in high school, so I would have been 16, maybe? And I have never looked back. This series focuses on the interactions, love, friendship, utter awesomeness and, sometimes, murderous tendencies of the three tiers of society. In this universe, society is made up of Psy, Changeling and Human. The Psy describe human beings who have psychic abilities, such as telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, etc. They typically breed within the same race, as reproduction of the Psy is treated more like a political play than anything else. However, the main characteristic of the Psy to remember is that they are Silent; in that they do not showcase emotions nor do they feel emotions. They intend to be empty husks, where financial power is a necessity to life, since they have nothing else – no love, no family, no thought to their emotional well-being. They are Silent because the abilities many have within Psy society are considered dangerous, and pre-Silence they were used for deviance. Silence meant to end it, instead, it created even more sociopathic monsters than ever.

The Changeling are humans who shift into an animal form. For majority of the Psy-Changeling series, the SnowDancer and DarkRiver Changeling packs, are the Changelings that are focused on. They are quite simply,  epic as hell and can scent their soul mates and I want one now. My first ever major book crush was on Hawke, the alpha of the SnowDancer pack, and he still owns my heart.

The humans are still human. Living their lives. Although, you are introduced to factions of humans who are extremists and zealots for a cause that involves the world being rid of the Psy and the Changelings. So, half of them are dicks, but the other half are kick ass. Just like reality – I mean, Donald Trump exists so…

It’s pretty hard to illustrate the complexity of the futuristic world Nalini Singh paints within these pages, and I may in the future do an entire post just on this series. One can easily immerse themselves into the world of soulmates, psychic awesomeness, playful pups and purrfect characters. You will fall in love with the entire cast – and it’s a big one! Trust me. The only book I didn’t like was Tangle of Need, only because I did not care one iota for the characters as they didn’t really have much to do with the overall story arc, so I found their story lacking the usual panache that Singh’s novels have.

Highly recommend this series, if you’re ready for your life to change for the better. Nalini Singh co-owns my soul, along with Satan.

2. The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh

Can you tell Nalini Singh is one of my all-time favourite authors in the entire universe? This series is drastically different from the Psy-Changeling series, in that, this series focuses on a hunter of vampires and rebel angels, archangels, age-old vampires, politics and love. ‘Seriously fucking awesome’ is an understatement. The main protagonist of the series is Elena Deveraux, an amazing woman whose job is to chase and/or slay wayward supernatural creatures (read: vamps and angels), who gets involved with a job waaayyy above her pay grade but ultimately kicks ass, falls in love and nearly dies doing it. The first few books in the series you are introduced to Elena and the Archangel she falls in love with  – Raphael- and their relationship and how they survive subterfuge and political asshattery from fellow Archangels of the Conclave (let’s see if I can remember this, so you have Elijah,  Michaela, Lijuan, Astaad, Charisimmon, Favashi and Titus) and all round fun!

Then, throughout the series, you see books from the perspectives of Raphael’s Seven most trusted beings, and their battle to overcome personal demons, kick ass for Raphael and follow them through their journey of personal development and love.

Now, I am hoping for a gay romance storyline between Illium and Aodhan because you cannot describe their relationship as platonic anymore (and if you have read the last two books of the series, you will be agreeing with me!), but I highly doubt that Nalini Singh would do that, but here’s hoping! That is the one thing that is not really addressed; it is briefly mentioned that same-sex couples happen with some characters implicity either gay, lesbian or bisexual, but not really represented properly. It would be ridiculous to assume that every single vampire and Archangel within Raphael’s cohort is straight – I mean, come on, these beings have literally lived hundreds of years. Are you telling me in all that time they’ve been eating only tacos? Puh-lease.

This is straight up a masterpiece of the written word, and I highly recommend reading this series. The next one, Archangel’s Viper, is coming September 29th, and I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation!!!!

3. The Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts

This series follows the Quinn brothers and their journey through finding love, coming to terms with loss, and understanding the importance of family. Nora Roberts’ series that focuses on family, are always a winner. Literally, any series that Nora Roberts has written is a winner, and there are heaps! And they are usually well-stocked at the local library, so that’s always a plus! This series was my first foray into adult fiction, I think I read it when I was twelve because I was bored at the family farm, so my mum gave me this to read for the rest of the weekend. It is a feel-good story with strong characters, a realistic situation and the ways in which these brothers try and overcome and solver the situation. It is more than just a romance series, it is also about the love of family and what we would do for them. Honestly, so beautiful and raw, and something about the way Nora Roberts writes, it makes the characters and their problems, so completely real that you are able to relate to them as people and what they’re going through.

If you have a weekend off, and all you want to do is chill and do nothing, then read this series and immerse yourself into the Quinn family.

4. The Shadow Series by Christine Feehan

On twitter, Christine Feehan had asked her followers what we would consider our favourite of her series. Now, Christine Feehan has written her fair share of book series, so it can be difficult to actually name only a couple. But for me? Easy as 1 2 3.

The Shadow Series is relatively new work of Christine Feehan’s, published June of last year, and it details the story of a crime family – dudes, its the Italian mafia and its fan-fucking-tastic. It’s not as gory as one would assume, yes there’s torture and killing, but the Ferraro family live by a very strict code. I won’t go into too much detail or else I will actually ruin the series; but you are transported to Little Italy, where the reign of the Ferraro’s is seen as a safe haven for the people of the community – crime is low, women can walk the streets freely, businesses are prospering and everyone knows everyone else. The Ferraro’s in this sense, act as ‘security’ for the community who also kill any bastard who hurts any of their own. It’s quite simple, really.

However, it wouldn’t be a Christine Feehan novel without some magical goodness, and phew wee, this series has it. They’re called Shadowriders, and that is literally what the Ferraro’s do – they ride the shadows. They can utilise the shadows to their benefit; transport themselves and practically become invisible. Similar to the premise of Nevernight’s Mia Covere’s powers, the Ferraro’s are especially wonderful at the job as crime family, because they literally know everything since they are literally able to get anywhere they damn well please.

This series is about family and the intricacies familial love can bring; it is about romantic love and finding one’s true soulmate and obviously, being the baddest bitches in town.

I highly recommend this series; but beware, the men of the Ferraro family are known to be “ME MAN YOU WOMAN” kind of guys, so sometimes they act like misogynistic dicks and the woman act like they have no idea what the want and it can be ultimately annoying as hell. BUT, the plot lines are awesome, the world and characters unique and interesting and you will not be disappointed.

But, do stay aware from the Carpathian Series by Christine Feehan because that is time you cannot get back.

5. The Dragon Kin Series by G.A. Aiken

I am currently in the middle of reading this series, actually. And, wow.
I don’t really know how to describe this series? It’s like, I love it and I hate it and I need to read all of it. It follows the royal family of the Southlanders, the dragon-human shifters who reside in the South (of what country, I’m not too sure? I’m guessing the south of the entire world?) and who are quite possibly, certifiably insane. I am not talking cutesy, emotional-pretending-to-be-psycotic and is an actual marshmallow. I mean ACTUALLY CRAZY. You are introduced to a cast of characters who are absolutely insane in the membrane, but you love them even more because of the fact that they’re not really stable? I don’t know how to explain it. These dragons and dragonesses are arrogant, obnoxious, rude, violent, loving, crazy, murderers and murderesses, some witches, others just brutes, they fly and swing hammers around like they’re Thor (literally, there is one who gives me Thor flashbacks, he is a lightening Dragon and has a war hammer and he is my favourite). This is the sort of series where arguments are foreplay, and physical strength in a woman and/or man is a boner-inducing and vajajay-pulsing, characteristic.

Oh, and there are a lot of sex scenes. A lot.
Not that I’m complaining.

Completely outrageous and extraordinarily hilarious – this series will not disappoint.
Trust me.
Read it for the dragons.

6. The Sea Haven Series by Christine Feehan

This series I turn back to again and again. The story arc concentrates on seven sisters, the Drake Sisters, who each have a magical speciality. And honestly, the mythology surrounding the family and their powers, is super interesting and something that I have never read before. It reads like a romance series, with psychopathic villains and powerful female protagonists and their lovers. This one also has copious amounts of sex, but in this story, the sex is a metaphor symbolising the different levels of each relationship. And in this case, it emphasises the profundity of the experience, rather than just the penis-in-vaj situation.

Oh, and did I mention the Russian men of magic? Yep, in this series, you are introduced to another family of seven, hailing from Russia and these men are EPIC and GLORIOUSLY COOL and THEY ARE TRAINED ASSASSINS. Each brother has their own story and they can be found in the Sisters of the Heart series by Christine Feehan.


Happy reading y’all!

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