G’day friends! How are you going today? I’m okay, thank you – just trying to find the motivation to do some work! Is it just me or have your sleep schedules are also absolutely everywhere? My anxiety is keeping me up at night and I have no idea why!

Anyway, today I am coming to you with a brand new review post on a book that I have been meaning to review for a while. It is The Invizibles: Invocation by ES Carpenter and it is, what I would consider, a middle grade novel (towards the younger audience) about a group of four teenagers and their adventure. Before I delve into the review, here is the synopsis that can also be found on Goodreads:

Four teenage friends prepare for a leisurely summer vacation when in an instant and with a thud, their plans radically change. Something has crashed in Jaime and Kye’s back yard. They solicit the help of their best friends Faith and Ben and quickly decide to protect this new entity. But they’re not the only people who’ve received notification something has arrived, and when strangers suddenly appear, the game of cat and mouse begins!

The friends soon learn the strangers are far more resourceful than they ever imagined, but the new entity accidentally shares a gift that could just become the difference-maker. It may also have created the newest super-heroes.

Meet … The Invizibles.

my thoughts…

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When I finished this book, my immediate reaction was to reflect on how enjoyable and fun it was. I can only really explain it as incredibly wholesome. There is something about the writing and the characters themselves where it feels so pure – in terms of the relationships between the characters, the reactions of the characters, the way the characters interact with their situation/issues. It was just really enjoyable and easy to read.

The overal premise of the story is unique and creative as well as having an important message for young people. In regards to the plot, I don’t really have much to say other than I think that it was well constructed, the pacing was also done well – there was never any point where I was bored or I thought that story lagged. It moved in a way that felt natural and flowed quite well. I WON’T TELL YOU ANY SPOILERS ABOUT ANYTHING DO NOT WORRY COZ I KIND OF WANT YOU TO READ IT PLEASE. But trust me.

What I think made me adore this book is its casual diversity. Not only do we have poc rep with our four main protagonists, there is also lgbtqia+ representation with a same-sex male couple. The story does focus on the inner superhero of every child and how just because you don’t have superpowers, does not mean that you are not special and unique and powerful. The friendships between the characters was really great and although there were times that I wish that I was able delve slightly deeper into the each of the characters to emotionally connect fully with them. But I do understand that I am slightly (ONLY SLIGHTLY *cries because I’m turning 26 years old this year*) older than the demographic for this book, so it would make sense that I didn’t entirely feel connected to each of the characters.

Overall, I had a lot of fun reading this book. I think many young people would enjoy it. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars and I do recommend it for people who want a fun, wholesome, action-packed read with memorable characters.

Until next time, happy reading!

All the love,



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