hi friends.

This post is more about asking for help as well as highlighting the current crisis. If you don’t know, Australia right now is on fire. I don’t mean that as an exaggeration either. At the point in which i’m writing this post, there are over 100 bushfires burning. Over 10 million hectares of land has been burnt with 5 million hectares burnt in New South Wales alone. We are in the midst of an extreme climate emergency and I am going to say also, a humantiarian one.

The world was left aghast when California was on fire in 2018, as well as the horrendous Amazon fires of last year. But in comparison, the Australian bushfires are monstrous in the extreme.

We also have terrible people leading this country, which isn’t helping at all especially considering the fact that this is a national emergency. But does Scott Morrison care? Nope. He’s trying to save face, the fucking asshole.

ANYWAY, if you are in the position to donate please do so. The entire purpose of this post was to list some places where people would be able to donate. If you can’t donate, there are heaps of social media posts which can use the exposure so Australia can recieve help.

Links as follows:






https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/about/supporting-cfa#donate-cfa (AUS ONLY)



if i’ve left any links out, please let me know so I can add them!

i really appreciate everything, friends.

all the love,



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