Flapping Pages: An International ARC Program

Really fantastic ARC program for International reviewers! Check it out, book blogger friends! xx

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As discussed in the Reading Around the Globe series, the truth is that book lovers and bloggers outside of the US/UK/AUS are not afforded the same privileges as those of us that live in countries with English publishers. It isnโ€™t about the quality of their reviews or how engaged their audience is with their content: these fantastic bloggers are not even considered for physical ARCs from the publishers due to the shipping costs (eARCs are also country-restricted, but that isnโ€™t the focus of this post).


As a blogger living in the United States, I recognize my privilege and want to use it to help international bloggers and hopefully inspire change. This feature launched in September 2018 after weeks of careful planning and is constantly growing & improving!

The goal of Flapping Pages is to serve as a hub for trading ARCs, with the focus of ensuringโ€ฆ

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