This Week In Books

Another week, another book. Or should I say,ย more books?ย I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that this past week, I have been doing nothing butย read a hella lot.

It has been utterly and completely fabulous. I thought to just write a post about the books I’ve read this week, and how much money I’ve spent on more bloody books. Honestly, the number of times I go to my local QBD bookstore, I should get a job there! I’ve given enough recommendations to random customers that I think I should get paid for it *majestic hair flip*.

So. This week I have been working through the entire Dragon Kin series by G.A. Aiken, who also writes as Shelly Laurenston. And, in my upcoming post next Wednesday, I talk about how outrageous this series is; but, I just wanted toย re-emphasise it because I don’t think people will believe me.

Don’t get me wrong, these books incorporate a highly complex and developed universe. Where Game of Thrones meets Medieval England with a touch of Viking pillaging in the north. Throw in some dragons who are trigger-happy, or, well, in this case, find extreme enjoyment in decapitating their enemies, with political conspiracy, heaps of killer women who take no shit and carry swords; it’s laugh-out-loud fun and outrageously hilarious. I’m currently on the 7th book in the series,ย Light my Fireย and I have never laughed so hard at the foolish antics of men, that I have withย reading this book. Oh god, seriously fucking funny.

What else have I read this week?

A Diana Palmer anthology titlesย Long, Tall Texan Man, that includes the novellaย Love With a Long Tall Texan, Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoonย andย Boss Man. If any of you have read Diana Palmer, yall know that her books can be a trying experience. The men areย always the same and the women areย always the same. There is never a difference. The only difference is whether or not the woman gets pregnant or not. Literally. All the women are virgins because if you’re not, you are ‘promiscuous’ and no man likes that! honestly SO RIDICULOUS AND BACKWARDS and it frustrates me to no end! Wanting to be independent is horrid, because why aren’t you married at 23? The men are all sworn off of love because sometime in their past a woman said no to them, or left them, or cheated on them. And because of that, all women are terrible, satan-loving seductresses who can never be trusted. It becomes tiresome. The men are borderline abusive; honestly, if a man ever spoke that way with me I would introduce him to my foot in his crotch.

They would become the best of friends.

Nevertheless, I read her when I want annoying male protagonists who remind me that I’m a feminist, and stories that I can easily predict what would happen. Don’t even get me started on how feminismย is portrayed in Diana Palmer novels! That is another rant for another time!

Till next time.

Happy reading!

Allie xx



Dragon Actually (#1) 4/5 – My favourite in the series! You will love Annwyl, she is bloody ridiculous

About A Dragon (#2) 3.5/5

What a Dragon Should Know (#3) 4/5

Last Dragon Standing (#4) 4/5 – beware of Keita, the female protagonist, she cray

The Dragon Who Loved Me (#5) 5/5 – my second favourite in the series!

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (#6) 4.5/5 – I love dragons with blue hair.


All stories in this anthology are 3/5 stars. Annoying but readable, depending on your mood.

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