i’m not like you

I wonโ€™t let myself be broken down, shattered shards of a deconstructed self. I wonโ€™t let myself break under the weight of worlds bearing down on my shoulders. But I know one thing. Iโ€™m not like you. You, who refuses to live in the present but picks at the scars of the past. You, who [...]

I taught for the first time!

Today was my first ever time actually teaching students in a classroom at an actual school. Before y'all go crazy, I am on placement so I didn't just randomly walk into a classroom and hijack the place. I'm meant to be here, honest. And to be quite truthful, it wasn't fantastic but it also wasn't [...]

beauty is a construct

beauty is a construct. it forces, enforces, standards of beauty to conform to an institutionalisation of individual suppression. you are unique. you are the only you in existence. be you without fear, rebel against the authority which deigns to speak about the wonderment of your face. - because you are beautiful, love.


the destruction commenced unwarranted catastrophic. I raised my hands a blessing tasting the fire the ash. donโ€™t be fooled by the burns of the leftover destruction. having to rise from those ashes I discovered re-discovered Myself. My strength. My intelligence. A glorious phoenix with wings of fire and ash. -ย flying, soaring. a winged beast of [...]

Say Yes, because if you don’t. Well, that’s just bloody un-Australian.ย 

Don't be a fucking dickhead. That's usually my go-to response when I hear people (usually white, middle-aged Australians) proselytise about the 'horrors' that same-sex marriage will bring to the 'righteousness' of Australian culture. (Seriously, what righteousness? We have Pauline Hanson sitting in our Parliament. Righteousness has left the building and is running away to Mexico). [...]