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I’m at that stage in the year when literally everything on my TBR is not satisfying my bookish cravings. Does anyone else get like that? Like, you just stare at your mountain of books and think, meh I don’t want to read anything. That’s the point I am at currently.

I was doing so well too! I was breezing through books on my TBR and I was feeling so fucking good. But then at the end of last week, I was just frustrated with everything and nothing seemed interesting.

When I get like this, I usually just wait it out and read an old favourite or some fanfiction, but like literally anything that I pick up is unappetising.

And then I got reflective.

Am I growing as a reader? Is what I picked up at the start of the year not what I want to read now? Is my research degree sucking the parts of me that love reading dry? Am I going through a bookish quarter life crises?!

Alas, it’s not that deep, but sometimes i can’t help but dramatise because that’s what my head does!

But conversely, I also just purchased a new book…so…does that help at all? most likely not, but I’ve been eyeing if for a while so I bit the bullet and just got it! It’s The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen and honestly, I think it is helping me because I am actually looking forward to reading it! I have an ARC I need to finish by next week, but I’m not super stressed about that! I think I might start The Surgeon tonight, to be honest, because I’m that excited. I don’t know about you, but i used to love watching Rizzoli & Isles, which I found out was based on these books!!!!!


That’s all I’ve really been doing this week, staring at my TBR, trying to read anything, realising nothing interests me, turning to fanfiction, getting bored with that, downloading the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, cursing Kim Kardashian for making me obssess about this game, sleeping, eating and watching youtube.

On a side note, my research is kind of going well! I’m not at the ‘research’ stage yet, I’m more at the stage of looking through the pre-exising scholarship but I’ve been semi productive (though i’ve only been to uni TWICE this week which is an epic fail on my behalf) but I’m getting my groove with it so that’s been pretty drama free.

ALSO – I hope y’all were able to tune in to the #UltimateBlogTour that happened this past week that was organised by TheWriteReads! It was super fun to be a part of, and the author Ben Galley, was an incredible author to work with! Make sure to check out all of those reviews and bookish posts because they really were fantastic and on a whole other level of epic.

Okay, I think I’ll sign off! Remember that my giveaway is ending in a few days, so be sure to enter!

Until next time, happy reading!

All the love,



also, ive gotten some questions about like my other social media handles so:



6 thoughts on “TBR TANTRUMS

  1. I encounter moments like this too. Books sit collecting dust as I wait out my mood – otherwise I risk being hyper-critical of an actually pretty decent book! Do you know why you get into this situation? Sometimes I think its when I’ve not had a whole bunch of time or when I feel pressured to be reading!

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    1. it’s the worst feeling ever! sometimes i realise that ive been reading and ive zoned out or completely forgot what i was reading in the first place because i literally didn’t care, or felt that it wasn’t what i needed!!!


  2. I feel the exact same thing right now. I cant seem to read anything these days. Im just zoning out. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I re-reading my favorite books to get me out of this. Its not working though. Im just stuffing my face with cake and chick flick movies.


  3. This was an interesting post. I think at least since I’ve started blogging my tastes are evolving. I read less of one genre than I used to and it’s cool. I’m learning a lot.


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