losing time & forgetting sanity

i’m being pulled apart.

limbs stretching,

tendons tearing

I can’t seem to hold onto –



                     losing time    &

                                                                                                                                  forgetting sanity.


there’s a black hole

where my heart

should be.

 (or is that my soul?)

a vast emptiness

that destroys

all in its path.

i feel like i’m shattering

to pieces



a cataclysmic

apocalypse –

my bones

to ashes;

my blood;

to dust.

i don’t feel human.

i don’t recognise

who i am

in the mirror.

a disconnectedness

a disassociation

to the eyes that are



to the smile

that stretches,

creasing the cheeks

of my face.


but is it mine?

who am i?

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